We supply dental service providers and offer high-grade consumables and equipment to improve the efficiency of your practice. We also aim to optimise your business operations by providing the tools to reduce treatment time. We help you secure return patients by providing quality goods that deliver attentive and comfortable care. For example, our Ethicon sutures used for general soft tissue stitching comprises absorbable, purified, connective tissue and are available in plain or resistant chromatic. For budget-sensitive clients, you can also use synthetic, braided material from our Vicryl range.


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Dental Instruments

Scalpel handle

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Here’s what you can expect from our range of quality dental instruments designed to minimise discomfort and optimise performance:

  • Gauze: If you’re looking for sterile gauze but aren’t sure which brand to select, we’re happy to advise you on which would best suit your needs. We stock various sizes that come in packs of 50 or 100. The cost-effective Bleedsolv Haemostatic sterile dental gauze, made from natural substances, comes in packs of 20. It innovatively converts blood to gel to control bleeding.
  • Gloves: You’ll also find sterile gloves in our collection. The powder-free option comes in boxes of 50. The Protexis latex gloves, which comply with health standards, have a nitrile coating, while the Polyisoprene gloves from Protexis have an anatomical fit helping fingers move comfortably. They also have a specially designed cuff to prevent rolling down. The HVE surgical suction has a soft tip that removes saliva build-up during patient treatment and comes in bags of 50.
  • Engineered equipment. Besides Instrumed curettes and elevators, we have various scalpel blades made from high carbon steel of premium grade stainless steel. They, too, come in multiple sizes and are packed individually. The Kiato range includes disposable scalpels in boxes of 10.
  • Hygiene products.We stock a wide range of surgical handwash brands, such as Microshield, which contains emollients and moisturisers. It comes in quantities of 500ml or 1.5l refill or dispenser bottles. We also have 5-litre sizes if you want to buy in bulk to save. You’ll also find aloe vera anti-microbial soap in our product range. For saline solutions, we have Sodium chloride for irrigation in 100ml or 30ml for easy use.

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