Consider buying your supplies and equipment from a company that guarantees reliability, quality, and excellence. The dentists using our trustworthy and courteous services Australia-wide do so because they have discovered that we source tried, tested, and quality-controlled products manufactured under exacting conditions in Australia, the USA, and Europe. Our customers know they will have a positive experience when dealing with their Healthware Australia partners, whether they order surgical gloves or other products essential to running a successful dental practice.


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Purchase an Implant Kit That Enables Optimum Patient Care

We supply ergonomically designed and precision-engineered dental instruments made of the best materials, and dentists can perform at their best with our highly efficient, hygienic equipment. Using first-rate basics may shorten treatment times and facilitate the best comfort levels for the patient and doctor.

  • We stock the DentaMedix MAXI Sterile Implant Kit containing the necessary supplies.
  • We offer an extensive selection of single-use products. These include disposable gowns, aprons, masks, eyewear, and sterile gloves, to name a few.
  • The anti-fog foam technology in the PrimeOn Athena surgical face mask provides superior protection. The face guard prevents condensation from escaping out the top, ensuring excellent visibility to those wearing eyeglasses. This fluid-resistant product withstands splashes and sports a tie-on design that fits all head sizes and shapes.
  • You may want to consider our Australian-made Cello four-ply dental bibs, available in a carton containing 2000 and packets of 250. We supply various interleaved paper towels and towelling products on rolls.
  • Select the gauze swabs you prefer from our collection. We stock alcohol, haemostatic, sterile, non-sterile, low lint, woven and non-woven swabs in different sizes and dispenser packs. We have several brands available if you need hospital-grade disinfectant for all-important infection control. We also stock wipes and sanitisers.

Apart from sterilisation, cleaning, disinfecting, and protective essentials such as surgical gloves, we supply everything a dental clinic may need. Besides instruments, equipment, and supplementary products for anaesthesia, you can obtain impression and laboratory materials and the supplies required for crowns and bridges, endodontics, teeth whitening, surgeries, and more. We offer service with a smile and always put your needs first.