Dentamedix Autoclavable Implant Impression Trays 6/Bag

$6.90 Incl GST

  • The edges are curled inward and the middle is raised to prevent the model from falling off.
  • The rear palate is perforated to make the impression material difficult to separate.
  • Lip side through hole, easy to imprint material overflow to fix the position, prevent mold fall off
  • The concave design enables the impression material to be easily wrapped in the fixed position after overflow.
  • Wide handle, easy to control the mold.
  • The thickened frame structure at the bottom makes the tray firm and stiff.
  • The side wall gap is spread out, and the impression material overflows to form a concave fixed position.
  • Thin wall folding baffle design, convenient transfer rod window.
  • Easy to fold baffle design, easy to open the window to make dental implant model.
  • Suitable for implant, orthodontic, inlay, crown bridge, bracket and general impression.