Preventative Dental Products

Help maintain your patients’ teeth, gums, and overall health by stocking and promoting the proactive and proper use of preventative dental products.


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Healthware Australia’s extensive range of preventative products includes:

  • Toothbrush products: Encourage regular and correct brushing with our TePe and CareDent ranges of adult and children’s brushes – including Cosmic Flashing, Octopus Kids, and L.O.L Surprise!, convenient pre-pasted brushes, denture brushes, and TePe tuft brushes for cleaning hard-to-reach places.
  • Tooth polishing options: We help teeth stay strong and white with our selection of effective tooth polishers, including Ainsworth and Dentalife F Prophy Paste - ideal for helping to remove stubborn stains and tooth polishing and shining.
  • Flossing options: Our range of dental floss products includes everything your patients need to protect teeth and gums. You’ll find Caredent EeziFlossers, nylon and PerioTape Floss-in-a-Box – regular and mini, REACH floss, TePe, Oralis and Dentagenie convenient Interdental Soft-Picks, and TePe Mini Flossers and Bridge and Implant Floss. In addition, we stock and recommend our technologically advanced and highly effective JetPik Power Floss Systems for the ultimate in flossing care.
  • Natural options: For patients who desire a more natural, chemical-free approach, stock and suggest our CocoClean toothpaste, toothpaste tablets, and Dr Vee’s biodegradable bamboo and charcoal floss.
  • Fluoride products: Keep teeth strong and decay-free with our high-grade fluoride gel or fluoride foam used in conjunction with a convenient fluoride tray.
  • Speciality products: To help patients avoid potentially harmful sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and treat oral gingival infections, recommend chlorhexidine-based Curasept and Chlorofluor toothpaste, mouthwash, and mouth rinse. In addition, recommend and apply our fluoride-free toothpaste for patients unable to use fluoride-based formulations. We also stock Dentalife Swirl PREP hydrogen peroxide and Swirl HEX chlorhexidine mouth rinse products.
  • Tooth whitening: Help bring back the brightest smile to all your patients with our PDS brightening and whitening kits, bottles and refills.
  • Preventative accessories: For on-hand help in cleaning and strengthening teeth, stock up on plaque highlighting TePe Plaqsearch and Plaque disclose gels and solutions, glass dappen medication dishes for convenient dosing and applications, , prophy brushes and cups, and curved and pit and fissure sealant syringes.

Our products are manufactured under strict quality control conditions and are professional dentist-tested and approved across Australia, Europe, and the USA.

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