Obtain the products and equipment you require to ensure your dental clinic runs smoothly and you can provide the preventative and restorative care your patients need. Consider Healthware Australia as a partner if you demand a dental handpiece and accompanying tools meticulously produced under rigorous conditions.


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$1,650.00 Incl GST

  • Our Mk-dent Prime Line Highspeed Handpiece has an exceedingly low noise level, incorporated non-return valve for cross-infection prevention, titanium-coated grip, and self-acting pressure reduction system, to name a few advantages. Otherwise, you may prefer the Mk-dent ECO Line Highspeed Handpiece.
  • We supply attachments and extras such as Defend handpiece sleeves, Mk-dent power heads and couplings, plus handpiece oil. Our premium Mk-dent Handpiece Synthetic Lubricant in a 500-millilitre spray dispenser can clean and oil electric contra-angles, head attachments, nosecones, slow speed and high-speed handpieces. We also stock Rotagen and ADM TechnicOil handpiece lubricant sprays, among others.
  • You may want to add the premium Woodpecker Non-LED EMS Scaler to your dental practice supply cupboard.

You recognise the importance of ensuring that these surgical and other dental instruments do not transfer infectious pathogens from person to person. Please read on to discover our wide range of sanitising necessities.

We Stock Essential Decontaminating Appliances and Goods

You can supply more than one Melag steam steriliser with high-quality demineralised water at the same time and a reasonable cost by using our environmentally friendly MELAdem 47 system.

  • Are you looking for an advanced washer and disinfector? If so, check out the full-featured, compact Melag MELAtherm 10 that offers short operating times with active drying.
  • We sell the 22-litre Melag B-Class Autoclave with a two-year warranty. It can load one kilogram of textiles and four kilograms of instruments in its sizeable chamber.
  • You can use the NCA 360 Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic Detergent in the ultrasonic, cold steri, soaking tray, on metal surfaces within the steri area, and as a scrubbing agent.

Besides delivering your dental handpiece directly to your practice, we can supply you with six rolls of 1000 Melag labels for the MELAprint 60. Should you wish to log and identify every cycle of a surgery steriliser and the equipment that has passed through the process and been used on a patient, our 700-per-roll Steam Process Indicator Suretrax/ Meditrax batch labels will come in handy. We look forward to shipping our excellent products wherever you are in Australia.