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Why not order high-quality dental cleaning products to disinfect and sterilise your dental instruments and surfaces from us? Healthware Australia is a trustworthy company that offers top brands and fast, efficient service. We supply first-rate brands that help dental clinics avoid inadvertently spreading infection, enabling you to purchase effective cleaning products that counteract microorganism transmission to staff and patients from us and nip contamination in the bud.

Cleaning/ Disinfecting

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Cleaning/ Disinfecting

Aidal Plus 5L

$69.90 Incl GST

Cleaning/ Disinfecting


$6.90$34.00 Incl GST

Cleaning/ Disinfecting

Sonidet 5L

$34.50 Incl GST

Cleaning/ Disinfecting

Speedy Clean Wipes

$9.90$16.90 Incl GST

Cleaning/ Disinfecting


$9.90$37.50 Incl GST

Look No Further for Hospital-Grade Disinfectant in Australia

We sell various potent, advanced, yet safe germ-fighting and cleaning brands, including Clinicare Hospital-grade disinfectant wipes for sanitation of non-porous surfaces and five-litre Viraclean® containers and disinfectant spray from Whiteley Medical. Glutaraldehyde-free Viraclean® was developed in Australia after years of rigorous research.

  • Our general-purpose Clinicare Alcohol Wipes - 220 per resealable canister - offer a comprehensive spectrum of anti-bacterial activities. The product does not leave residues, and evaporates after use. Alternatively, you may prefer Rediwipe 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes, with 100 units per pack.
  • You can buy a 25-millilitre pump for the five-litre container of powerful CliniJet solution distinctively formulated for disinfecting a dental aspiration system and suction line. This suction line cleaner is exceedingly efficient, economical, and safe. It meets all obligatory AN/NZ and EU Standards and kills bacteria and viruses without damaging equipment, humans, or the environment.
  • You may want to experiment with Clinidet, another powerful cleaning option for dental instruments and clinical environments. When added to water, the concentrate is gentle on premium equipment and devices yet efficiently removes organic substances such as lipids, fats, proteins, and blood.
  • This hospital-grade disinfectant with a mild alkaline formulation should be an optimal surface cleaner. You can enhance its usefulness through ultrasonic cleaners, manual brushing, and mechanical washers.
  • We can also supply empty 500-ml Clinidet spray bottles and the original Glen 20 hospital-grade disinfectant spray, which destroys 99.9% of viruses and germs.

We will ship your infection control, hand hygiene, sanitation, and other dental cleaning products cost-free when we deliver orders for more than $150.00AUD in the Sydney metro. Likewise, if your order is over $350.00 and your delivery address is in the Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Canberra metros. You can expect your items to arrive in one to two business days if we have them in stock, but delivery to some interstate and rural areas may take longer. We guarantee you will have a positive experience if you collaborate with us at Healthware Australia.