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This year, HWA has gone all out with their sales. Make sure to take advantage of all the savings.Buy in bulk and save this EOFY! Click on specific products to find out specifics.

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HWA EOFY19 Catalogue

Specials available until 1st of July, 2019

$30.00$170.00 Incl GST

Impression Materials

Cargus Bite Registration Tray

$18.90 Incl GST


CliniJet® – DS (Daily) 5L

$69.00 Incl GST


CliniJet® – WS (Weekly)

$20.90 Incl GST
Out of stock
$25.90 Incl GST
$27.50$71.50 Incl GST
$29.70$73.70 Incl GST
$16.90$18.90 Incl GST
$29.90$34.90 Incl GST
$12.45$15.75 Incl GST


Duralast H-Files

$10.80 Incl GST


Duralast K-Files

$10.80 Incl GST
$161.00 Incl GST

Impression Materials

Mark3 VPS Putty 2x300ml

$89.00 Incl GST