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NCA R4+ Deactivate 150 Wipes/Pack KILLS COVID-19

$25.00 Incl GST

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NCA Handsies Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser 500ml

$17.90 Incl GST

* Kills 99.99% of Germs

* No Alcohol

* Contains Aloe Vera Extract
* Gentle on hands
* Laboratory Grade

*TGA Approved

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Avagard Moisturiser/Lotion 500ml

$0.00 Incl GST

  • Hydrates, nourishes and protects the skin’s outer layers, replacing moisture and oils lost by constant hand/body washing.
  • Prevents cracked, dry skin which may harbour more pathogens and therefore increase the risk of cross-infection.
  • Leaves a protective barrier on the skin restricting moisture loss.
  • Ideal for moisturising dry skin during with frequent hand washing and dry winter months.
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KN95 Mask 1/Pack

$3.00 Incl GST

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Handicare Handwash 500ml

$9.35 $8.80 Incl GST

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Wedges Ongard Anatomical 100/Box

$12.00 Incl GST

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