NCA Class 2 Chemical Indicators 500/Box

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Class 2 chemical indicators measure ALL four critical parameters to ensure sterility:

  • Temperature
  • Steam
  • Time
  • Air removal

Used in a Process Challenge Device (PCD)
Replaces class 3, 4, 5 and 6 indicators that do not measure all 4 parameters.
Replaces Helix Test and Bowie Dick Test in B Class Bench-top Autoclaves


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With the growing uncertainty of how to provide sterility assurance for your dental instruments, NCA scientists have developed the new class 2 chemical indicator which confirms to ISO11140-1. They have been internationally tested by NQA testing laboratories, the highest level of Quality Assurance testing in the world for scientific products. They are TGA approved and hold a Certificate of Conformity.

The NCA class 2 indicators are universal and can be placed into most Process Challenge Devices (PCD’s), or helix devices to provide assurance of the sterility process. They measure all 4 parameters critical to the sterility process and have an affixed sticker on the rear of each indicator, which enables them to be placed intuitively into the daily run sheet to log results of the batch and track effectively.

This unique design and technology is second to none and instantly replaces class 3,4,5 (biological spores tests) and even the class 6 indicator. This provides a more cost effective (halving pricing) and more precise results with a critical, more absolute scientific result for your Infection Control.

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