Melag MELAdem 47

Greater quantities of water at low cost

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The return osmosis principle is an especially environmentally friendly and economic method of water treatment. The high capacity of up to 1,900 l facilitates the problem-free connection of multiple practice steam sterilizers. The removal valve included in the scope of delivery enables the removal of high-quality demineralized water for other purposes.
Increasing hygiene requirements in the processing of medical products can involve the frequent sterilizing of instruments. The consequent increased need for high quality demineralised water is provided amply by the MELAdem 47 and at low cost. The reversal of the physical principle of osmosis is an extremely environmentally-friendly type of water processing. MELAdem 47 produces around 3-5 litres of feed water per hour, so that several MELAG steam sterilizers can be supplied at the same time.
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Brand Melag
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