Melag MELAdem 53

The MELAdem 53 represents the standard water treatment unit for practices requiring large quantities of demineralized water.

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The high-performance of the MELAdem 53 enables the connection of one or more steam sterilizers in addition to the MELAtherm. Given an average water hardness of the tap water, the capacity of a cartridge is sufficient for c. 2,800 litres of high-quality demineralized water.

The MELAdem 53 works in accordance with the tried and tested ion exchange procedure, generating high-quality demineralized water for the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization process. It has been conceived to satisfy a requirement for large volumes of aqua dem e.g. for the supply of the Cliniclave, MELAtherm and one or more practice steam sterilizers. The scope of delivery consists of two high-value cartridges filled with regeneratable resin, one of which is connected to the steam sterilizer and/or the MELAtherm. Once the cartridge has been exhausted, it is dispatched for regeneration and the second cartridge is brought into operation.

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