Melag Cliniclave 45 With Printer B Class

Cliniclave 45 - Better for the treatment of your instruments

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With a loading quantity of up to 40 kg of unwrapped instruments, up to 35 kg of wrapped instruments and up to 7 kg of textiles, the Cliniclave 45 offers a far greater range than many other large autoclaves. The extra-large cylindrical sterilization chamber in combination with specifically designed insertion racks offers ideal solutions for all areas of application.
Thanks to the patented technology of the sterilization chambers used in the Cliniclave 45 and the optimized operating hours enabled by this technology, the Cliniclave becomes a decisive component in the area of instrument treatment. The integrated software for documentation, approval and tracing saves costs and allows for comprehensive safety. Low energy and water consumption make the Cliniclave 45 one of the most economical, compact and lightest large autoclaves
  • Saving Time - With a maximum load of up to 40 kg, the Cliniclave 45 can sterilize significantly more instruments than other devices of its class. Sterilize your instruments in less than 45 minutes, including drying.
  • Safe Documentation - The extra-large colour-touch display enables intuitive operation. Its integrated documentation and clearance software permits complete reproducibility
  • Ergonomic Working - A range of batch configurations can be inserted in and removed from the Cliniclave 45 quickly and ergonomically.
  • Saving Energy - The large load sizes and its low water and energy consumption make the Cliniclave 45 one of the most efficient and compact large steam sterilizers of its class
  • Add in Description, Also available in 203 litre capacity with double door configuration. These are speciality products and initial consultation with a Melag specialist is required.
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