Dentalife ActivEtch Gel 10 x 3g Syringes + 20 Tips

Contrasting blue, acidic etch gel containing 37% phosphoric acid that actively etches dental enamel and dentine.

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For conditioning both dental enamel and dentine surfaces prior to the placement of an adhesive restoration. Provides the perfect etching pattern, ensuring that adhesives can penetrate dentine tubules for increased bond strength and providing optimal mechanical retention.

  • Rapid action which terminates after effective etching
  • Contrasting soluble, blue dye, makes it easy to see where you have placed etchant
  • Rinses off easily with water
  • Self-limiting etchant gel
  • Will not over-etch surfaces, helping to reduce possible sensitivity issues.

Also available in 60ml Bulk Syringe

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Brand Dentalife
Tags Dentalife, Etch, syringe, Phosphoric Acid gel, restorative, etchant, activetch
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