Silmet ProLink SE - Self Etch Adhesive Kit 4ml

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ProLink SE is a light cured self etching one component dentin/enamel bonding agent which combines etch, primer and adhesive into a single component for ease of application.

ProLink SE is a super quick adhesive saving valuable chair time: no need to neither etch the dentin or to wash it off. Once cured, you can immediately place your restorative. You can't over dry or over etch when using Prolink SE. Therefore, post-operative sensitivity will not occur. Prolink SE's low film thickness provides an invisible margin between the restoration and the tooth.

• 7th Generation
• Excellent bond with dentin and enamel
• Excellent bond with any self-cured, visible light-cured or dual-cured composites
• Quick and Easy solution, maximizing patient comfort.

Technical Specifications:
Bonding of composites to tooth structure
Core build up
Adhesive Cementation of crown and bridge, including inlays and onlays

(Courtesy of Silmet Dental).

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Brand Silmet
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