Intensiv Swingle Handpiece Only With light

The contra-angle with both functions, axially free rotating and axially fixed position.

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For the use of oscillating files and strips. The contra-angle
Intensiv Swingle has 2 functions in conjunction: the
freely rotating axial position to use with diamond coated
files like Intensiv Proxoshape and fixed axial position with the
application of oscillating files like Intensiv Bevelshape.
The contra-angle head is of small size to allow an extensive
view on the operating field.

■ Contra-angle with integrated water spray and optional
■ Stroke 0.9 mm
■ 20.000 oscillating movements with 40.000 rpm
■ With toggle switch to choose free rotating or fixed
position of files
■ 12 different axial fixed positions on 360°
■ File ejector and cleaning needle (water spray canals) are
included in delivery

In case of abutments and cavities preparation, as well as restoration materials finishing, the most utilized system in the dental office is based on rotating instruments use. In individual cases, this results in restrictions with regard to precision and iatrogenic damage that preclude the use of rotary instruments. In such cases, it is advisable to use single-sided abrasive oscillating files or strips in addition to rotary instruments. Improving significantly the quality of the surfaces being worked on.

In clinical applications the efficient use of an oscillating contra-angle is required: the possibility to choose between the axially fixed position and free axial rotation within the same treatment (for space creation, as well
as for finishing and polishing approximal enamel), creates added value for the dentist.

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