Cavex Quadrant Finisense Desensitizing Primer 5ml

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Quadrant Finisense is used to relieve pain caused by exposed roots or dentine. It is also used to prevent and relieve post-operative sensitivity. 150 doses per bottle. 

Can be used under all types of filling materials and crowns and bridges. The active ingredients of Quadrant FiniSense are glutaraldehyde and HEMA.
The HEMA ensures that the glutaraldehyde can fully penetrate the tubules.
Glutaraldehyde coagulates the plasma proteins in the tubules. This helps create small partitions in the tubules that ensure that they are sealed at various places.

Thanks to the fact that the tubules are so well sealed, Quadrant FiniSense also has a long treatment durability: at least 12 months.

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Brand Cavex
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