Cavex ColorChange Alginate Fast Set 500g

A chromatic Alginate with a visible setting process.

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The visual verification of the mixing and setting process poses great advantages for the dentist and for the patient.
With this chromatic alginate there is no need to watch the clock, so the dentist can concentrate on the patient.
The two color changes of Alginate Color Change accurately indicate when to fill the cuvette and place it in the mouth, as well as the time to remove the cuvette again.
Cavex ColorChange can be used for all treatments.
  • Colour changes at end of mixing time and to another colour to indicate end of setting time
  • Fast setting time – 1 minute
  • Highly elastic, ideal for orthodontics
  • Dust-free
  • 9 days dimensional stability (9 days without shrinking in a well closed plastic bag)
  • Good tear and deformation resistance
  • Detailed reproduction at least 25 µm
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Brand Cavex
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