Cattani Pulijet Plus Gentle 2.0 - 1L

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Daily disinfection of your suction system is vital to keep suction lines clean and maintain your system’s equipment and pump.
Puli-jet Plus GENTLE’s strength as a disinfectant means that it kills bacteria, helping to maintain a safer work environment.
Puli-Jet Gentle is a commercial grade disinfectant designed for use with semi wet, wet and dry suction systems. Being a super concentrate Puli-Jet is easier to use, store & handle.
The dispensing nozzle fitted in the lid allows for easy measurement and dispensing  of the liquid.
1 bottle makes 30 x 2.5 litre solutions.
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Brand Cattani
Tags Pulijet plus gentle, cattani, pulijet
Flavour and Grit Medium Mint
Size Small Blue 0.35mm
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